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Quebec Group Of Houseboats

The Khar family from three generations, operating and managing the Quebec Group of Houseboats is in houseboat business. Well liked and respected by the department of tourism of this earthly paradise, they have enjoyed continue success in this highly competitive field. Your needs and will go out of their way to make your stay with them a time to remember. They are proud of Kashmir and the heritage of both the valley and the mountains and have been warmly welcoming travelers from honeymooners to mountain trekkers from all over the world. Guests are our priority and we will make certain your visit is safe, enjoyable and familiar.
We serve superb Kashmiri food, enjoying the opportunity to share the culinary seasonable delights of our kitchen, where all products are fresh, local and organically produced. Individuals with dietary needs can be easily adapted, we make excellent vegetarian food, English breakfasts, or other special requests can be graciously accommodated.
The houseboats come complete with a large front seated balcony, a sun deck and a small kitchenette. We generally have a 24 hour power back up and clean water supply. Each of our houseboats has a cook and a care taker who work for you during your entire stay. All of our houseboats have an attached boat that is placed under your command. These small paddle boats can take you out into the open lake or take you across on your way for any sightseeing. We definitely know that once you visit and experience us, you would always feel yourself back in your second home.

Mudasir Khar your Host

The core attraction of Houseboat Quebec has joined his family business at his school age. Did not continue his study to a higher education but very innovative and with a calm and positive behaviour. He make visitors feel like home at his place. He works day and night to make his business grow and take it to a new success. He finds new techniques and todays technologies to give his business a boost. Here we welcome you in Houseboat Quebec with all the facilities that you need for your stay.

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